1- Should I present my paper in English? Or can I present in Spanish or Portuguese?

We would encourage you to present in English because this will allow you to communicate easily with everyone and you will get more feedback from the audience. The atmosphere will be relaxed because most of the delegates will be young scholars and doctoral students. However, if you still want to present in Spanish or Portuguese is okay with us, but we would like to kindly ask you to bring a handout in English. This could include the key points of your presentation and you can print around 20 copies, so everyone can follow you. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide simultaneous translation.

2- How much time do I have to present my paper?

Each delegate will have a maximum of 12 minutes to present his/her paper. The Chair in every panel will make sure that we all stick to the time. In our experience, this means 4 pages, Arial 12, 1.5 lines spacing (before and after 0 pt). However, your speed and comments may change this estimate.

3- Can I use a PowerPoint/Prezy presentation?

Yes, you can. A PC and a projector will be available in every seminar room. Bring your memory stick but also a backup file, just in case. 

4- When does the Conference start and finish?

The full programme of the conference will be published in the first week of June 2017, once all the presenters have confirmed their attendance.

The conference will last 2 days: day 1 (26 June), from 9am to 7pm; and day 2 (27 June), from 9am to 5pm. On the night of the first day, around 8 o’clock, we will have our Conference Dinner.

5- Who are the keynote speakers?

All the information about our keynote and invited speakers is available here: https://pilasconference.com/keynote-speakers/

6- How much does the Conference Dinner cost? Can I bring a plus one?

Only £16.95, plus drinks. And of course! the more the merrier.

All the information about the Conference Dinner is here: https://pilasconference.com/conference-dinner/

7- Have you considered the environmental impact of the conference? How can I help as a delegate to reduce the negative effects to the environment of PILAS Annual Conference 2017?

Yes, we are aware of the environmental impact that an event like this has. And we would like to encourage all delegates to helps us to make of PILAS Annual Conference 2017 an eco-friendly event.

Transport:  the University of Leeds is committed to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions caused by both commuting and business travel. We encourage all delegates and attendants to use public transport, bicycles and their feet as often as possible.

Paper usage: we would like to reduce the use of paper and printed materials as much as possible. In this regard, we would encourage all delegates to bring their own laptops, tablets and phones and used them to read the documents so we don’t have to provide printed copies for all the delegates. All the materials will be available on our website.

Plastic cups: every time we attend an event like this one we get through literally hundreds of disposable cups. In the interests of our beautiful planet, please do bring a refillable water bottle, and a Keep Cup or flask for hot drinks. We will of course have re-usable cups available should you not be able to bring your own, but we really would like to use as few of these as possible!

Do you have any other ideas to reduce the negative effects on the environment of the conference? Send us an email with your ideas!

As ever, if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch and follow us on facebook and twitter