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Open call - nominations for PILAS Committee 2018/19
Deadline: 30th May 2018

The current PILAS Committee invites nominees for future PILAS Committees to send us their proposals (see details below). Elections for the PILAS Committee will take place at in the AGM at the 2018 PILAS Annual Conference at the University of Liverpool on 4th and 5th June. At least one representative of each nominee Committee must attend the AGM election.

Please send committee proposals to pilasconference@googlemail.com by Wednesday 30th May 2018. Please include subject line: PILAS Committee Proposal.

PILAS Committee Activities:

The PILAS Committee are responsible for developing and maintaining PILAS resources for postgraduate students throughout the year. This is based around two key events:
  • PILAS Annual Conference - The major activity for the Committee is to organise the conference, including finding a host venue, setting up catering, creating a conference website, scheduling speakers and panels etc.
  • PILAS@SLAS Lunch Event for postgraduates attending the annual SLAS conference, which often includes a brief workshop or training element.
The PILAS programme in recent years has expanded to include workshops on Methods in Latin American Fieldwork, and Latin American Archive Collections. Additionally, a PILAS representative (often the President) represents postgraduates on the SLAS Committee, and attends all SLAS meetings (held four times throughout the year).

Committee Structure:

The main committee consists of a President, Secretary, in addition to general committee members who assist in PILAS responsibilities throughout the year, especially organising the annual conference. We welcome bids from single universities and consortia of universities. Click for further details of the current PILAS Committee.

Individual nominees:

While whole committee proposals are preferred, we are also happy to put interested individuals who email us in touch with each other to allow them to create their own committee. Send your enquiry to pilasconference@googlemail.com. Please include your name, institution and location.

Committee Proposals:

Nominees for future PILAS Committees are invited to provide a brief proposal outlining their intention to form the committee and host the annual PILAS Conference.

The proposal should include a list of prospective committee members, their department/institution, and their expected position on the committee (primarily for President, Secretary and Treasurer, but also could include roles such as social events coordinator, logistics team coordinator, etc). See About PILAS for further details of the Committee members for 2018.

The committee should ideally be between 3-10 members dedicated to working on PILAS during the coming academic year. A minimum of 3 confirmed members is required for a group to nominate itself for election.

Nominees can suggest a long term aim for PILAS throughout the year, perhaps reflected in a proposed theme for the PILAS Annual Conference. It is often helpful to consider, as far as possible, how this will be achieved through the annual programme of PILAS activities.

NB. When arranging the prospective committee, please keep in mind a realistic vision of individuals’ time constraints and availability to participate, particularly during the months prior to the conference (for example, assess who is planning to conduct fieldwork abroad, during which terms, assessment deadlines etc). While committee members often attend the same institution, collaboration with postgraduates from neighbouring universities is also encouraged.

As the selected committee’s university will be the site of the following year’s PILAS Conference, it is also important to ensure institutional endorsement and capacity (please note that substantial funding for the conference is provided by SLAS; however, some supplementary funding might be necessary from the host university). Preferably, nominations should include the contact details of an academic member of staff who is in support of the conference. For bids from consortia of universities, one of the universities should host so official endorsement from that institution should be included in the bid.

Please send proposals to pilasconference@googlemail.com by Wednesday 30th of May 2018.

Each nominated Committee will be asked to present their proposal at the AGM during the PILAS Annual Conference, which subsequently will be discussed and voted upon by AGM attendees. Election results will be announced to the PILAS membership following the conference, at which point PILAS responsibilities will be handed over to the new committee.