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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I present my paper in English? Or can I present in Spanish or Portuguese?

We would encourage you to present in English because this will allow you to communicate easily with everyone and you will get more feedback from the audience. The atmosphere will be relaxed because most of the delegates will be young scholars and doctoral students. However, if you still want to present in Spanish or Portuguese is okay with us, but we would like to kindly ask you to bring a handout in English. This could include the key points of your presentation and you can print around 20 copies, so everyone can follow you. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide simultaneous translation.

How much time do I have to present my paper?

Each delegate will have 15-20 minutes to present his/her paper. This is to allow time for questions and discussion. The Chair in every panel will make sure that we all stick to the time. In our experience, this means a paper of around 2,000 words. However, your speed and comments may change this estimate. Each panel session is 90 minutes and will have 3-4 papers.

Can I use a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation?

Yes, you can. A PC and a projector will be available in every seminar room. Bring your memory stick but also a backup file, just in case.

Do I have to submit a paper or presentation before the conference?

For pre-constituted panels, panel chairs will contact panellists about arrangements. For panels that are drawn up by the conference committee, delegates are not expected to submit the full content of their presentation (i.e. the full paper or powerpoint/prezi presentation) after having their proposal accepted.

I’m chairing a panel. What do I do?

Introduce the session and welcome those who have come to speak and to listen. Sit on the table at the front with the panel speakers. Introduce each of the panel speakers, before they speak. Time the presentations – presentations should be 15-20 minutes for a panel of 3-4 speakers, and 12-15 minutes for a panel of 5 speakers. Hold up the “5 minutes” sign after each speaker has spoken for 15 minutes to help the speakers finish on time. After all the panel speakers have spoken, take questions. Usually it works well to take sets of 3-4 questions, then let the panel speakers each answer the questions. Keep time in the session and don’t let it overrun – when there is only a few minutes left then only allow one more question.

What is the weather like in Liverpool?

Liverpool’s climate is variable - please be prepared for the possibility of rain and note that as Liverpool is a port city it can feel breezier than other cities. Hopefully there will be some sunshine too!

Can I have a certificate of attendance?

Need a certificate of attendance? Email PiLAS 2018 (link to our email pilasconference@googlemail.com before the conference with your name, institution and paper title. Your certificate will be on the reception desk during the conference only. Certificates can only be requested in advance.

Can I have an invitation/acceptance letter? & visas

On request to PiLAS 2018 pilasconference@googlemail.com we can email a confirmation of acceptance letter to you. If you need a letter for visa purposes, please give us the following information:
  • full name as it appears on your passport
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • passport number
  • passport issue date
  • passport expiry date
We prefer you to register beforehand so that confirmation can be used as evidence of attendance.

Is there WiFi access ?

We will be providing GuestNet accounts for delegates. Details will be given on the day You can have guest wireless access on request from the reception desk (many delegates will automatically have access to the University’s eduroam network – click link for joining instructions). Panel convenors will have log in details for computers in panel rooms. Printing facilities will not be available at the university. The nearest print/copy shop is Ryman on Browlow Hill. University of Liverpool webpage information on wifi for visitors

Any more queries?

Contact us at pilasconference@googlemail.com